2017-02-07 10:47:45  ·  Tracks! We have new tracks! Come and get 'em!

The first batch of tracks for 2017 was released today and we're off to a pretty nice start, I must say. Do download them and vote for them, to start building the basis for next year's Remixer of the Year Awards.

The ROTY Awards 2016 show will take place on Sunday February 19th, 20:00CET and will be hosted by SLAY Radio and also aired at SceneSat so don't miss it!

At this time, I also want to thank all of you who are supporting AmigaRemix by downloading and voting and also by the occasional donation, which helps me run this and also work on a new generation of the engine that is running the site. With a bit of luck, 2017 is the year it WILL be renewed and I'd love to get your suggestions if you have any particular wishes and requests of functionality or other things that would suite the site. If so, use the contact form and send an email to AmigaRemix Crew and I'll see what can be done.

Keep it up and enjoy the music! :)

Oh, and if you want to see some NEW Amiga stuff (and hear me ramble on about everything and nothing), don't miss tuning in to the video feed from the Datastorm party during the weekend 10-12th of February. You'll find a video stream at SceneSat and also at the original DS site mentioned above.

// Ziphoid

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2006-08-28 Utopia - Ingame - Utopia revisited Dayta Barry Leitch 12.42 MB 06:48 All-time ranking: 70 | Score: 90% | Rating: Outstanding

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