2014-12-20 23:27:22  ·  Merry X-mas!

Yes, it's finally here. The biggest track update EVER. 56 tracks have now finally been released, way overdue.

I'd like to thank you patient ones and then also take the opportunity to send some f**kings to the (albeit very few, but still) people who take this service for granted. Apparently to at least one person, I am a failed human being since I haven't had the time in my life to do the updates to this site that were needed to be able to release the queue. Just FYI, some of us actually HAVE a life outside of the internets and can't put all available time for these completely voluntary and non-profit projects even though we'd like to. We have to make a living too, and that's nothing this will give us.

Anyhoo, enough rambling. Do enjoy the tracks and make sure to vote, both for them and for the Remixer of the Year Awards at Remix64.com.

// Ziphoid

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2006-08-28 Utopia - Ingame - Utopia revisited Dayta Barry Leitch 12.42 MB 06:48 All-time ranking: 48 | Score: 90% | Rating: Outstanding

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