2015-05-02 12:55:53  ·  Finally, a sign of life...

Yes, a bunch of tracks have finally been released. I'm in the process of updating the admin backend and thus let more people be able to help out in the pre-queue processing, ie, help determine if a track should be released or not. This means that we're putting a very coarse grained filter on the tracks to rule out tracks that don't belong on AmigaRemix for various reasons. Those reasons might be in the line of that it isn't a remix of an Amiga track, adds no new things to the track, or just lack of production quality. You'll know more about it all once we're done with it.

Until then, enjoy this new batch of tracks, since there are a few that really stand out. :)

// Ziphoid

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2008-10-27 Hyperbased - Enigma Amok Tip & FireFox 6.72 MB 04:54 All-time ranking: 81 | Score: 87% | Rating: Outstanding

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