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MODgor now goes beyond the Amiga! (click to toggle)

Yes, as mentioned in the previous news item, my little stem generator tool called MODgor the STEMifinator is alive and kicking. Now it's even possible to make stems out of even more formats, such as XM, IT and S3M amongst others.

Also, I've managed to find a worthy - and free - replacement tool to UltraEdit, which means I don't need to purchase that expensive license. Thank you to the two kind donors who helped me along the way. :) Still, some encouraging contributions in any way are always highly appreciated, so by all means feel free to do so. :)

Enjoy MODgor and in case you do something with it, please let us know! :) Posted 2023-11-25 23:01 by Ziphoid

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2023-02-07 Details LedStorm Ambient Cover Contact artist moonove Tim Follin Download file 11.28 MB 4m35s
2023-02-03 Details The Sentinel Intro cover Contact artist moonove David Whittaker Download file 8.45 MB 3m31s
2023-02-03 Details Cybernoid 2 (Reboot 2023) Contact artist moonove Jeroen Tel (Wave) & Frederic Hahn (Fred) Download file 14.04 MB 5m42s
2020-10-06 Details Somewhere (Paranoimia Crack Intro) Contact artist moonove Equalizer / Unique Download file 4.84 MB 3m21s
2013-08-30 Details Echoing remix Contact artist moonove Banana Download file 6.51 MB 4m27s
2013-08-30 Details Turrican 2 - Level 1 remix Contact artist moonove Chris Hülsbeck Download file 6.58 MB 4m30s

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