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MODgor the STEMifinator!

Do you want to make a remix or a remaster? This is a good place to start!

Upload a tracker module and download stems of all the instruments rendered separately.

NOTE: This can render a lot of different module formats, like FastTracker 2, ImpulseTracker or ScreamTracker. Remember that most of those formats are not Amiga based, and should not be the basis of your remix for this site. Feel free to use MODgor anyhoo for any other need.

Get some more details about the STEMifinator... (click to toggle)

So, what's this all about? Stems, what's that? What's that weird name? Can this be used to create a masterful remix?

In short - yes!

If you decide to remix an old tracker module made in SoundTracker, NoiseTracker or ProTracker, this service should be able to give you the foundation you need to create a remix out of. It can also be used as a basis for a straight-up remaster. Or why don't just use it as a kickstart inspiration for a remix or a new track? The sky's the limit.

What MODgor will NOT do at this moment in time, is to render anything with a more 'exotic' format. Examples of that would be modules using custom formats such as TFMX, Future Composer, Musicline Editor and similar. It might be supported at some point, but as of now, it sadly isn't.

Technically, what will happen is that the system will go through the module, mute all instruments and then switch on every single instrument, one by one. After that it renders a full-length version of each instrument playing in each separate channel. This means that each instrument will render anything from 1 to (channels+1) versions, depending on if it is used at least once in each channel or not. The last file per instrument is one containing all channels baked into one.

The end result will be packed into a .zip containing all stems as 16-bit, 48kHz mono files, if you don't change the defaults. You can change the default FLAC output into MP3 or even WAV. Just remember that using MP3 will be creating lossy, 320kbps files, while the two other formats will give lossless. Also, MP3 will take 2-5 times longer to generate.

The actual rendering backend is using stemgen by emoon, which can handle most modules as intended. It is a wrapper around libopenmpt which supports a whole bunch of tracker formats.

You can tweak the settings even more by checking the "Customize rendering settings" checkbox. This will require your email address, to be able to send you a private download-link once the rendering is done. These settings will be stored in a cookie on your computer.

NOTE: This is in no means a perfect service. It highly depends on the abilities of the rendering engine and can and will act a bit weird at times. Most modules will render quite good. If you are running Windows and don't feel like using an online service for this, you can always use OpenMPT, which can handle basically the same modules as MODgor.

If you find a module that isn't rendered correctly for some reason, please let us know and we can take a look at it.

Oh, and what about that name? "MODgor the STEMifinator"? Well, it's just a little tribute to the most excellent episode #58 of Strong Bad's email where Trogdor the Burninator is unleashed upon the world.

Default render settings are 16-bit, 48kHz files, mono instrument renders, combined channels. The full module render will be rendered in stereo, with 50% stereo separation. If you want to change this, check the box below.

Pre-baked stems

Name Format Help Size Help Generated Help
4-mat's.madness FLAC 138.86 MB (138.85 MB) 2023-11-04
BlinkysScarySchool_0.mod FLAC 24.14 MB (24.61 MB) 2023-11-23
Desert dawn FLAC 61.63 MB (61.61 MB) 2023-11-04
In the jungle WAV 68.75 MB (289.75 MB) 2023-11-17
arnesune WAV 40.26 MB (218.42 MB) 2023-11-09
cream of the earth FLAC 89.23 MB (89.22 MB) 2023-11-04
delicate 0ooz! MP3 163.98 MB (220.21 MB) 2023-11-15
emotional thing MP3 49.23 MB (323.47 MB) 2023-11-17
funkypiano MP3 19.76 MB (74.67 MB) 2023-11-20
guitar_slinger FLAC 109.85 MB (109.83 MB) 2023-11-04
hyperbased FLAC 109.61 MB (120.93 MB) 2023-11-08
hyperbased MP3 88.13 MB (1.03 GB) 2023-11-08
hyperbased MP3 55.51 MB (520.42 MB) 2023-11-09
hyperbased WAV 122.26 MB (2.3 GB) 2023-11-08
mod.blinkys FLAC 24.14 MB (24.61 MB) 2023-11-23
pf-stones'n'bones FLAC 139.97 MB (147.39 MB) 2023-11-16
physical presence FLAC 108.91 MB (108.9 MB) 2023-11-04

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