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  • All music available on this site is considered to be in the public domain. Do not submit commercial music.
  • The rights of the original tracks are still held by the original composers.
  • The recording rights of each remix are being held by the artist.
  • You may use the music on this site for your own personal leisure and use it on the devices you see fit. For ANY commercial use or public redistribution, you must contact the artist of the remix and agree with their terms or at least give proper attribution.
  • To submit music to this site, you need to be the artist of the submitted track. Do not submit music made by others. Just go here to log in or register as an artist on the site.
  • This is a site for Amiga remixes only. Please do not submit C-64 remixes or any other types of tracks. Try RKO for C-64 remixes. For remixes of games for other platforms, try OverClocked ReMix. For your own original work, try a platform like SoundCloud or similar.
  • Try to master your track reasonably. Since we offer downloads and no re-encoding for streaming, you can push a bit louder than if you would distribute the track to other platforms. However, a rule of thumb would be to keep your measured level no louder than -11 LUFS and True Peak no louder than -0.3 dBTP. To keep it even more dynamic, the more magic numbers would be -14 LUFS and -1 dBTP. There are multiple guides on the internet covering this. Also, you can always make a post at the Remix64.com board and get some pointers from other remixers.
  • Also, please make sure to trim your track properly. No excess silence at the beginning or the end of the track is needed.
  • Submit your remix as an MP3 file with a constant bitrate of at least 192 kbps, preferably higher. Maximum filesize is 268.44 MB.
  • Filenames are automatically renamed to all lower-case letters with spaces replaced by _ into a format similar to: [artist_name]_-_[remix_name]_-_amigaremix_[remix_id].[extension].
  • Be creative! Do not just take a .mod file, add some new drums or effects, render to mp3 and call it a 'remix'. You can do better!
  • When you submit your remix, it will go into a queue for approval by our jurors before it will show up on the site.
  • The ID3 tags will be set according to the information given about the remix.
  • The site maintainers reserves the right to refuse or remove any remix for any reason.
  • Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Contact us!

Privacy Notice

(Or: your secret is safe with us, but we have to know.)

Artists who submit tunes to AmigaRemix.com will be required to enter a valid contact email address. As the databases for AmigaRemix and Remix64 are continuously kept in sync, contact details will be distributed to both sites.

AmigaRemix allows end-users to contact artists through a feedback form - without disclosing your contact information. Remix64 will only publish your contact information if you specifically allow this when creating an account. It is your personal choice to reveal your email address or not by replying to an email received via a feedback form.

Two cookies are used on this site. One is called PHPSESSIONID and contains a reference to a server-side session to keep various settings and variables. The other is called SITE_OPTIONS and contains various custom settings to control some aspects of the site for you as a visitor. Since this is stored as a cookie, it is unique to the particular device and browser you're using. No tracking scripts are in use and the only external calls made are to our companion site remix64.com and the inclusion of a PayPal donation button.

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