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MODgor now goes beyond the Amiga! (click to toggle)

Yes, as mentioned in the previous news item, my little stem generator tool called MODgor the STEMifinator is alive and kicking. Now it's even possible to make stems out of even more formats, such as XM, IT and S3M amongst others.

Also, I've managed to find a worthy - and free - replacement tool to UltraEdit, which means I don't need to purchase that expensive license. Thank you to the two kind donors who helped me along the way. :) Still, some encouraging contributions in any way are always highly appreciated, so by all means feel free to do so. :)

Enjoy MODgor and in case you do something with it, please let us know! :) Posted 2023-11-25 23:01 by Ziphoid

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Date Title Artist(s) Composer(s) Size Duration Rating
2024-02-13 Details Poormouth Contact artist Firefox & Mantronix Tor Bernhard Gausen (Walkman) Download file 13.69 MB 5m42s
2024-02-13 Details Shadow Fighter BGM09 Contact artist Piepie N.A.P.S. Team / Gremlin Interactive Download file 4.6 MB 3m05s
2024-02-02 Details Emax/TRSI - Def.loration (Nightwolf 2024 remix) Contact artist nightwolf Benni Pedersen Download file 8.06 MB 3m21s
2024-01-01 Details Turrican II Freedom Live Performance Contact artist Tony Fluke73 Wiren Chris Hülsbeck Download file 15.11 MB 6m18s
2023-12-18 Details WAR (Never been so much fun!) Contact artist SparcMX Richard Joseph & Jon Hare Download file 6.06 MB 2m32s
2023-12-17 Details Electric City Contact artist Rock & JLD Jazzcat Download file 11.23 MB 4m41s
2023-12-01 Details Apidya (Highscore) Contact artist Dr.Future Chris Hülsbeck Download file 11.16 MB 4m39s
2023-11-25 Details Urban Ferret (Afterburner Final Take Off) Contact artist The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club Jason C. Brooke Download file 8.16 MB 4m15s
2023-11-07 Details Enigma-Goria Contact artist Abynx Jimmy Fredriksson (Firefox), Robert Ling (Tip) & Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat) Download file 14.18 MB 5m55s
2023-11-04 Details A Prehistoric Tale Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl Jochen Hippel (Mad Max) Download file 10.16 MB 4m14s
2023-10-23 Details Unsuspected Puost Contact artist Trip Frank Emil Larsen (Curt Cool) Download file 4.83 MB 2m01s
2023-10-23 Details Cadaver Main Theme Music (Remake) Contact artist prosnake Richard Joseph Download file 5.86 MB 3m03s
2023-10-18 Details Nexus 7 Theme (Cover) Contact artist d vibe Interphace Download file 15.59 MB 6m30s
2023-10-10 Details Beetlemusic [Bouncy edit] Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl & Rapture Jogeir Liljedahl (Maniac) Download file 7.9 MB 3m17s
2023-10-08 Details Beetlemusic [Encore500] Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl & Rapture Jogeir Liljedahl (Maniac) Download file 7.83 MB 3m16s
2023-10-08 Details Body Blows [Encore500] Contact artist Vincenzo Allister Brimble Download file 8.6 MB 3m35s
2023-10-08 Details Rage is Relentless [Encore500] Contact artist teo Volker Tripp (Jester) Download file 8.83 MB 3m41s
2023-10-08 Details RSI Hard [Encore500] Contact artist Romeo Knight Eike Steffen (Romeo Knight) Download file 7.68 MB 3m12s
2023-10-08 Details Battle Squadron - HiScore [Encore500] Contact artist Tomsk Ron Klaren Download file 10.37 MB 4m19s
2023-10-08 Details Endtheme [Encore500] Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl Karsten Obarski Download file 13.22 MB 5m31s
2023-10-08 Details Forests [Encore500] Contact artist Barry Leitch Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat) Download file 19.85 MB 8m16s
2023-10-08 Details Turrican 2 - Title [Encore500] Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl & Rapture Chris Hülsbeck Download file 18.4 MB 7m40s
2023-10-08 Details Never-ending Amiga love [Encore500] Contact artist Martin Wall Firefox Download file 26.49 MB 11m02s
2023-10-08 Details Occ-San-Geen [Encore500] Contact artist Firefox Tomas Dahlgren (Uncle Tom) Download file 12.17 MB 5m04s
2023-10-08 Details Cannon Fodder (Feat Sunesis) [Encore500] Contact artist Turbo Knight Richard Joseph & Jon Hare Download file 10.4 MB 4m20s
2023-10-08 Details Nearly There [Encore500] Contact artist Mygg & Turbo Knight Jogeir Liljedahl (Maniac) Download file 12.42 MB 5m11s
2023-10-08 Details Atmosphere (Double Dragon II) [Encore500] Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl Tomas Dahlgren (Uncle Tom) Download file 13.54 MB 5m39s
2023-10-08 Details Paranoimia Crack Intro [Encore500] Contact artist Mattias Brian Felix Schmidt Download file 10.96 MB 4m34s
2023-10-08 Details Complications [Encore500] Contact artist Peter Clarke Tomas Danko Download file 8.08 MB 3m22s
2023-10-08 Details Rallye Master [Encore500] Contact artist Romeo Knight Karsten Obarski Download file 12.78 MB 5m20s
2023-10-08 Details Leander - Title [Encore500] Contact artist Glyn R Brown Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat) Download file 13.85 MB 5m46s
2023-10-08 Details Amberstar - Title [Encore500] Contact artist Jogeir Liljedahl Jochen Hippel (Mad Max) Download file 12.98 MB 5m24s
2023-10-08 Details Test Drive II - The Duel [Encore500] Contact artist Danko Kris Hatlelid Download file 8.83 MB 3m41s
2023-10-08 Details Stardust Memories [Encore500] Contact artist Turbo Knight Volker Tripp (Jester) Download file 10.2 MB 4m15s
2023-10-08 Details Oro Incenso [Encore500] Contact artist Mordi Jogeir Liljedahl (Maniac) Download file 12.44 MB 5m11s
2023-10-04 Details Battle Squadron - Loose (Spatial Mix) Contact artist FabriceGP Ron Klaren Download file 12.23 MB 5m06s
2023-10-04 Details Physical Presence (Spatial mix) Contact artist FabriceGP Jogeir Liljedahl (Maniac) Download file 13.39 MB 5m35s
2023-09-25 Details Scumm Bar Theme Live Performance Contact artist Tony Fluke73 Wiren Michael Land Download file 6.14 MB 3m12s
2023-09-25 Details The Great Bath Live Performance Contact artist Tony Fluke73 Wiren Chris Hülsbeck Download file 7.31 MB 3m48s
2023-09-25 Details Shadow of the Beast (Plains 1) Contact artist Johan Andersson David Whittaker Download file 7.8 MB 3m15s
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