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Be a contributor

Thank you for considering helping the cause of this site. You can do this in multiple ways:

  • Create a remix or twenty-five! Go ahead, fire up that DAW and make something nice! Then, make sure to register/log in and submit them to the site! Play! Create! Have fun! Share the joy!
  • Take part in discussions, vote for tracks, write reviews. To do this, make use of Remix64.com, preferably by clicking the smiley on each track and also take part in the discussion board.
  • Become a juror and help look through the submitted tracks. This is not such a tedious job, though, because what we do is make sure that the information submitted is correct and that the technical quality of the upload works fine. To join, send a message to the staff at the contact page.
  • Make a monetary donation using PayPal by clicking the button (for any other means of payment, send a mail through the contact page).
  • If you feel REALLY generous and want to contribute to Ziphoid's will to go that extra mile, have a peek at his quite unrealistic Amazon wishlist and see if there's anything you want to fulfill. If so happens, it'd be amazing, for sure. ;)
  • If you have any other ideas on how you can contribute, just feel free to contact us and enlighten us about it! :)

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