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So, a week and a half after the launch of the new engine, I just must say thank you for all your kind words and comments! It really lifts my spirit and makes me want to do more with it all. Which I have done. Lots of small fixes has been done under the hood, but also some quite major ones. One of the bigger features would be the binge-mode called "Continuous play". If you have set the playback engine to "Audio only" at Site Options, you'll be able to let the site keep playing the tracks of your search result, one after the other. This adheres to the current search result and order, and will even cross over to the next page once the last track has been reached. To make this work in Firefox and Safari, you need to allow the browsers to auto-play for this site.

One other thing that I've added is actually a fallback skin to make the site look like it did before the change. The reason why I did this is really weird, though. I do dislike when people are not happy with something I've done. This is apparently the case here, since a couple of guys have sent me VERY constructive emails stating that they dislike the new site. I mean, who can NOT feel the urge to act when you get constructive comments like "The presentation of the new layout is very bad, is there any way to restore the old layout?" and the instant classic: "The new website looks terrible.". Well, I could of course not rest until I'd made sure to solve the problem for these entitled gentlemen and implemented the old layout. Head into the site options to switch to that if you want to. I must warn you that not everything the new layout has to offer will work, but that's what you get, I guess. :)

Either way, keep using the site and as always, feel free to send me a note if you have anything on your mind, positive or negative. However, I'd once again ask for some common sense when sending me a message. To underline this I'd like to quote my muses in the band Scooter: "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice." Please be nice!

Oh, and another note; there are some things in the works that might need you to be logged in, so registering on the site would be a good move, even if you don't plan to do any remixes. :)

// Ziphoid Posted 2023-01-27 02:06 by Ziphoid

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Date Title Artist(s) Composer(s) Size Duration Rating
2021-11-21 Details Moongazer Contact artist Pakz Bjørn Lynne (Dr. Awesome) Download file 2.97 MiB 2m09s
2021-11-21 Details Sword of Sodan (Dungeons of Craggamoor) Contact artist 0Supereg0 Julian LeFay Download file 6.18 MiB 4m30s
2021-10-23 Details Hired Guns (Awesome Megablast) Contact artist 0Supereg0 Brian Johnston Download file 6 MiB 4m22s
2021-10-07 Details LowBudget Song Remix Contact artist Pakz Bjørn Lynne (Dr. Awesome) Download file 3.2 MiB 2m20s
2021-10-07 Details Hightop (Hiphop Remix) Contact artist Pakz Bjørn Lynne (Dr. Awesome) Download file 3.11 MiB 2m16s
2021-10-07 Details Just Another Contact artist Pakz Bjørn Lynne (Dr. Awesome) Download file 3.04 MiB 2m13s
2021-10-07 Details Lisbon Fever Contact artist Pakz Bjørn Lynne (Dr. Awesome) Download file 3.17 MiB 2m18s
2021-10-07 Details The Martini Effect (Very poor little demo remix) Contact artist Murdock Xerxes Download file 9.27 MiB 3m51s
2021-10-07 Details Falcon Contact artist AxsFin Andy Fisher Download file 4.27 MiB 1m52s
2021-10-07 Details A320 Airbus Contact artist AxsFin Matthias Steinwachs Download file 7.82 MiB 3m25s
2021-10-07 Details Fighter Bomber Contact artist AxsFin Paul Summers Download file 3.45 MiB 1m30s
2021-10-07 Details Time Machine - 2021 Dance Remix Contact artist fabio marinelli Wally Beben Download file 6.74 MiB 2m57s
2021-10-07 Details Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Contact artist LucasCommodore Barry Leitch (The Jackal) Download file 6.45 MiB 2m49s
2021-08-24 Details Full Contact Contact artist Dr.Future Jimmy Fredriksson (Firefox) Download file 6.35 MiB 2m46s
2021-08-24 Details Turrican II Title - Hang Ten Mix Contact artist 0Supereg0 Chris Hülsbeck Download file 6.46 MiB 4m42s
2021-08-24 Details Space Debris (Rock it mix) Contact artist 0Supereg0 Markus Kaarlonen (Captain) Download file 6.92 MiB 5m02s
2021-08-24 Details Crystal Hammer (2021 Rework) Contact artist Solarstriker Karsten Obarski Download file 7.48 MiB 3m16s
2021-08-24 Details Shadow Of The Beast 2 - The Cell (Locked In Mix) Contact artist DMC Tim Wright (CoLD SToRAGE) Download file 9.81 MiB 4m17s
2021-08-24 Details l.f.f. Contact artist hyperunknown Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat) Download file 7.47 MiB 3m16s
2021-08-24 Details Beat To The Pulp - Metal Tribute (2021) Contact artist XxDUSTYxX Eike Steffen (Romeo Knight) Download file 7.55 MiB 3m11s
2021-06-24 Details Space Debris Contact artist SkyMarshall Arts Markus Kaarlonen (Captain) Download file 5.73 MiB 4m10s
2021-06-24 Details The Chaos Engine - The Forest remix Contact artist Kopsi Richard Joseph Download file 5.53 MiB 4m02s
2021-06-24 Details FA-18 Interceptor Contact artist Makke David Warhol Download file 6.95 MiB 3m02s
2021-06-24 Details Final Assault (New Age Climber) Contact artist Makke Charles Callet Download file 9.17 MiB 4m00s
2021-06-24 Details Turrican 3 - Air Combat Contact artist Anonymous Chris Hülsbeck Download file 4.92 MiB 2m09s
2021-06-24 Details Super Hang-On (RMX a l'ancienne) Contact artist Murdock Katsuhiro Hayashi & Koichi Namiki Download file 3.78 MiB 2m39s
2021-06-24 Details Strider (Intro n Ingame) Contact artist Ctrl-Z Junko Tamiya Download file 6.39 MiB 4m39s
2021-06-24 Details Bubble & Squeak Contact artist Anonymous Allister Brimble Download file 7.1 MiB 3m06s
2021-06-24 Details Mean Arenas Contact artist Anonymous Digital Masters Download file 6.58 MiB 2m52s
2021-05-13 Details Ruff 'N' Tumble - The Fantasy Forest Contact artist Anonymous Jason Page Download file 12.87 MiB 5m37s
2021-05-13 Details Obliterator Contact artist Romeo Knight David Whittaker Download file 12.88 MiB 5m38s
2021-05-13 Details Macrocosm Contact artist Dr.Future Jimmy Fredriksson (Firefox) & Robert Ling (Tip) Download file 8.5 MiB 3m43s
2021-05-13 Details Hybris Imploded! Contact artist Jogeir Paul van der Valk Download file 23.71 MiB 10m21s
2021-05-13 Details Desert Dream Contact artist kjetiln Anders E. Hansen (Laxity) Download file 6.87 MiB 5m00s
2021-05-13 Details Fury of the Furries - Title theme Contact artist kjetiln Frédéric Motte (Moby) Download file 9.46 MiB 4m08s
2021-05-13 Details Cream Of The Earth (Nothing Surpasses The Original) Contact artist Wobbler Eike Steffen (Romeo Knight) Download file 6.25 MiB 4m33s
2021-05-13 Details Romeo Knight's Piggie's Hut Contact artist hyperunknown Eike Steffen (Romeo Knight) Download file 13.62 MiB 5m57s
2021-02-22 Details Shadow of the Beast II - The Crystal Caverns Contact artist Dr.Future Tim Wright (CoLD SToRAGE) Download file 5.81 MiB 2m19s
2021-02-22 Details A Final Hyperbase (Enigma from Scratch mix) Contact artist Mitraillix Jimmy Fredriksson (Firefox) & Robert Ling (Tip) Download file 10.09 MiB 4m25s
2021-01-22 Details Enigma Gun (3'rd time lucky Remix) Contact artist Aknotronic Eike Steffen (Romeo Knight) Download file 4.8 MiB 3m29s
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